Zeke by K.L. Savage (PDF)

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Book Name:Zeke
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Story Line:

I’ve never had a disagreement with Eli, my triplet, we couldn’t overcome. That is, until Kira. Kira, the gorgeous girl at the bakery, becomes the object of our affection. When she tells us “may the best man win” the battle is on. The competition is fierce between my brother and me, one-third of my soul, but as soon as it seems Kira might finally make a decision, other problems arise.

There’s more than just Eli stalking the bakery. An unknown enemy rears its head and Kira’s life hangs in the balance. Can we put our differences aside to save her, and can we do it in time? And even if we keep Kira safe, can mine and Eli’s relationship survive the fact that only one of us will have her?

I pace the empty kitchen in the farmhouse for the hundredth time, then the two hundredth. With everything going on with the Kings lately, I can barely form a cohesive thought. Eden is spending way more time with Savage than she should be. She’s the president of our club, and while she’s usually ruthless and powerful, lately she’s been out of sorts. She asked her boyfriend, or whatever Savage is to her, to marry her, and they got hitched that very day, but now she’s acting like a lunatic. Like she’s not sure she should have done it or something.

To be fair, she’d been through hell and back with several betrayals and a fight to the death with some old and new rivals. She won, but we nearly lost Eli because of it.

Eli. Usually the calm, reasonable one of the three of us, even after he was almost tortured to death. He keeps showing up at the bakery at least as much as I do. I try not to get too confrontational about it, especially when I run into him there, because that’s where the other reason I’ve been so stressed out can be found.

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