You Grow Girl by Belle Henderson (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:You Grow Girl
File Size:1.7MB

Story Line:

Lottie’s just been dumped, or at least she thinks she has. With a university reunion looming she has nothing to show for the past ten years except a part-time job in her friend’s plant shop and a jar of pickled gherkins. To console herself Lottie seeks solace in her favourite corner of the internet, a mysterious level-up life guru who preaches words of wisdom from the comfort of stunning exotic locations, and it’s definitely cheaper than spending money on tarot readings.

With her big dick energy ex off travelling the world in search of the perfect veneers, Lottie finds herself sleeping in her brother’s spare room until his chirpy Irish best friend shows up and she’s forced to move out. A tarot card reading steers her in the direction of an absurd panic purchase to impress her university peers. Will Lottie learn to listen to herself instead of seeking validation from elsewhere? Or will she continue to plod along in a grumpy self-sabotaging haze forever? Will she learn to get along with her brother’s best friend even though he’s pinched her bed? Let the spiral of events commence.

Events happened in very quick succession. Like watching a set of dominoes come tumbling down. It took only one to fall and then everything else followed shortly after. Except watching dominoes is quite satisfying and this was more like watching your constipated dog strain for a poo then end up shitting out a pair of your best knickers. It was painful, a bit funny (if it wasn’t happening to your dog) and shocking all at the same time and the worst thing was, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. The absolutely mortifying thing was, this was my life.

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