Wickedly Tainted by A.E. Nalle (PDF)

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Book Name:Wickedly Tainted
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Story Line:

One brutal night in her past changed her life forever. Now, sixteen years later, Jill feels as though she is still stuck in the past as new trauma encompasses every waking and unconscious moment. One strong panic attack and a phone call later, Jill’s already chaotic mind is thrust even further into disarray as Damon Santos enters her life yet again. The one passionate encounter they had nearly put Jill on her knees. She had wanted to relinquish her tightly coveted control for the first time in years. With his crooked grin, dark eyes, and unique brand of domination, Damon slowly breaks down every wall she has built around herself to show her what it means to be truly healed.

But when her past rears its ugly head she must find the strength within herself to fight back and reclaim her life.

I wish I had a crystal ball. I think everyone at some point in their lives wishes for the same thing. The visceral need to see the future before it happens. Maybe they could have changed their own outcome. Stop themselves before they made a decision they would later regret. They say everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately for me, I have yet to know the reason.

Sixteen Years Ago Hey, beautiful,” a silky voice said against my ear. The smell of vanilla mixed with a heady musk assaulted my senses. If he hadn’t been so close to me, I never would have heard his intimate whisper over the raging music that thumped through the three-story frat house I found myself in on this Saturday night. All around me, bodies gyrated to that stupid “Sexy Back” song everyone overplayed. I looked at my roommate, Jenna, with wide eyes as his arm snaked around my middle, pulling me back to a big muscular chest. I sighed to myself, here we go.

I winked at her, giving her the all-clear to leave us before I turned in his arms, giving him what I hoped was a stern look. We had been playing this cat and mouse game for months and he was evermore bold with his chase.

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