Wicked Seeds by L Bromley (PDF)

Wicked Seeds for free download on PDF format book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by L Bromley Release on February 19, 2023, under the Romance genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

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Book Name:Wicked Seeds
File Size:3MB

Story Line:

Haiden Cursed long ago and doomed to live amongst mere mortals, I’d given up hope of a normal life. Violence ruled my head, and my heart belonged to someone I despised. Everything else seemed futile. Until I met her. One look at those deep, azure eyes and lightly freckled skin, and I was obsessed. This fallen God of the Underworld will stop at nothing until he claims her as his own, no matter the cost. Katrina Snow would have my soul in a heartbeat. If I only had one to give.

Katrina Doomed to live a lonely existence, full of misery, I’d given up hope of a happy life. Despair ruled my head, and my heart belonged to nothing and no one. My only source of pleasure was my books. Until I met him. One look at those haunted, cerulean eyes and tattooed skin, and I was possessed. He will stop at nothing till he has me, and I don’t know whether to run from his darkness or embrace it. I know there’s a soul in there somewhere. I just have to bring it out of him.

I am in the midst of a nightmare. Of that I am aware.

I can hear the screaming ringing in my ears, can see the blood raining down from the sky, can taste the sulphur in the air. The noises and pictures of that day flooding my unconscious senses, as if I am reliving the moment over again for the millionth time.

There’s nothing I can do to stop it however, and I know I must let it play out till the very last moment, before I wake, sweating and strangled by my sheets.

I am standing in the cavernous stone labyrinth of my underworld domain, listening intently as distant cries and crashes thunder overhead, shaking the very foundations of the empire I created. An empire built on the sins and sufferings of mortals, that is, at this moment, crumbling around me.

I step quickly to the side, not a second too late as one of the huge support beams adorning the ceiling, that separates my world from the one above, breaks away and crashes down onto the floor where I would have been standing. I have never felt such human emotions as fear, but an insidious feeling is creeping its way throughout my body, as if a demon itself has crawled its way down my throat and taken up residence in my skin.

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