When the Last One Falls by M.E. Clayton

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Book Name:When the Last One Falls
File Size:625KB

Story Line:

What do you get when money rules everything around you? An arranged marriage that nobody wants.

Keris Life was going perfectly well for Keris Bishop. Beautiful, cultured, kind, and coming from a wealthy family, she truly had no complaints. As a curator for a very prominent and established art gallery, she’s also very respected among the elites of Portal Lands. Now, while her parents could use some work, her sister was the best, and between her sister and Keris’ two best friends, life wasn’t bad at all.

However, that all changes when Keris’ parents announced that they’ve lost everything and it’s up to Keris to make things right. Shocked that her parents had been able to wipe out generations worth of wealth, she immediately leaves her parents to clean up their own mess. Still, when Keris is brutally reminded that her sister’s expensive medical treatments are at stake, what other choice does Keris have?

Brantley Life was going perfectly well for Brantley Kingston. Handsome, rich, driven, and coming from a powerful family, he had the world at his fingertips. As the CEO of Kingston Industries, his name, money, and intelligence made him a force to be reckoned with in Portal Lands. Now, while his parents were horrible and his brother was no better, with his two best friends at his side, life was still pretty great.

However, all that changes when Brantley’s father makes a deal in exchange for the one thing that no one else has ever been able to get their hands on: the girl with the diamond mines. Though he refuses to have anything to do with this father’s ridiculous plan at first, when Brantley is quickly reminded that it really is a fight to the finish in the business world, what else can he to but go along with it?

When a family’s legacy, money, and power all come together… Agreeing to marry Brantley Kingston to secure her sister’s medical care, Keris had been prepared to do the right thing going into her marriage. Nevertheless, she wasn’t prepared for the man that she meets for the first time on her wedding day. She quickly finds that she’s not prepared for marriage to him at all.

Agreeing to marry Keris Bishop to secure his family’s top spot in the city, Brantley had been ready to do what was expected of him. Nevertheless, he wasn’t prepared for the woman that very nearly cuts him off at the knees with her fire and spirit. He quickly finds himself eager to be married to her after all.

Though Brantley and Keris are doing their best to make the most of their relationship, not everyone is happy about their marriage. When the lack of trust between the two becomes too much, everything starts to go up in flames around them, and neither of them is safe from the fire.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, and dubcon situations. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not read.

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