What They Feel by Madi Danielle (PDF)

What They Feel for free download on PDF format book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by Madi Danielle Release on February 15, 2023, under the Romance genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

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Book Name:What They Feel
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

What happens when everything comes falling down? NOW is the time. Everything he’s worked for is within reach. He can move out from his fathers shadow and prove himself. Until he’s faced with his biggest challenge yet when he meets her. She challenges him in a way he never would have thought. And makes him question everything he’s ever believed when it comes to feelings and love. NEVER in a million years did she think she would be in the middle of a storm as strong as him. Despite her clear distaste there’s something pulling her in. But when it all comes to a head is WHAT THEY FEEL even worth it?

The buzzing smart watch on my wrist pulls me out of my deep sleep, but I can’t be bothered to open my eyes yet. I smack my watch to make the buzzing stop. Once it does, I roll onto my stomach, grab one of my pillows, and put it over my head.

I don’t even realize that I fall asleep again until I’m being poked by someone. I try to roll away from the source of the poking, keeping the pillow over my head. Suddenly, the blankets are ripped off my body followed by the pillow over my head.

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