Wed to the Alien Beast by January Bell (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Wed to the Alien Beast
File Size:2.9MB

Story Line:

Just when I think I’m getting my life under control, my alien husband kidnaps me— and manages to get amnesia. I’ve mostly come to grips with my new reality. Earth is a memory, I’m making a name for myself, and I can usually ignore the reason I’m here… my horrible alien warlord husband. But the Beast doesn’t want to be ignored. Nope. He wants me, and unlike other Suevans, he doesn’t like to take no for an answer… so he kidnaps me, determined to win me over.

Good luck with that, buddy. When he gets amnesia, though, forgetting his name, his history, and me, I’m stuck in the dangerous alien jungle with him. But he continues to show me a different side of himself, and I’m starting to believe there’s more to the Beast than I imagined. Forced to confront my own fractured past and rely on each other to survive, we’ll have to find our way home… or make a new one together.

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