Wed by E.M. Leya (PDF)

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After years of letting the job control his life, Bryon is now ready to turn his attention to more personal things. The plan was to spend the weekend in Vegas and marry the woman he loved, but he should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. When the team comes across a huge trafficking ring, they can’t sit back and do nothing.Becca saw the girl and knew something wasn’t right. She had to act, but doing so would put everyone in danger. With a child in harm’s way, Becca did everything she could to rescue her.

Now people are hunting for her and the child, and the team is digging deeper, trying to connect the people involved in one of the largest trafficking rings they’ve faced.The team comes together to fight the darkness and bring the children back into the light, showing them that they can overcome the past and face a future without fear.

Bryon walked into the large hotel suite and smiled as he looked over at his soon-to-be wife. “You can’t back out on me now. I warned you that everything was go once we got to Vegas. Becca laughed. “You fool. As if I could back out. I’m excited to become your wife. I think you’re the one who’s getting cold feet.” She stepped into his arms and kissed him. “Nothing is going to change my mind about becoming your wife.

He buried his face against her long, brown hair and inhaled her scent. She’d always been his safe place. The one place he could go when everything around him was falling apart. Just her scent calmed him. Her touch grounded him, reminding him that not everything in the world was bad. “I love you.” She giggled. “I know. I love you too. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” Becca pulled back and looked up at him. “Tomorrow night, I’m going to walk down that aisle and make this forever.”

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