Two Brothers, Their Cousin and a Girl named Keera by N.J. Adel

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Book Name:Two Brothers, Their Cousin and a Girl named Keera
File Size:846KB

Story Line:

I’d always avoided shopping close to this horrible day, but Melissa had to drag me out here. Everywhere, people were buying little gifts for their significant others. They all seemed so happy. The busiest time of the year for chocolate stands, gift and flower shops. Everyone was stocking up, buying gifts for their special someone.

I hadn’t been stocking up on chocolate. Vodka was a different story. Although I didn’t drink, it was about time to start. I was going to need that kind of solace in a couple of days when I was home on Valentine’s Day alone. Again.

My last boyfriend, Steven, had broken up with me a couple of weeks ago, and even though we hadn’t been great together, I would have liked for us to last through the holiday. I’d never had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. It sucked.

I cried a little, but I was over it now. It’d happened too many times for me to expect anything different. A sigh escaped me. I was just cursed. Something somebody did generations ago had made it so that I couldn’t have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and that nobody wanted to fuck me.

By the chocolate cart where Melissa was checking heart-shaped boxes, a couple walked. She was wearing a red dress that looked too formal for a Thursday but also perfect for her. He was good-looking, laughing at something she said while her arm was tucked into his. The way he looked at her…

A pang set into my chest. I hated that my chest ached when I saw couples like that who seemed so blissfully happy. But I wanted that. Was it so wrong that I wanted the same thing all these happy couples seemed to have?

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