Twisted Kings by KT Strange (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Twisted Kings
File Size:2.9MB

Story Line:

Eva Bell is trying to run from her past and save her future.

When the perfect opportunity to escape comes to her in the form of a bougie job working for the Duke of Los Angeles, she jumps on it. Taking care of his six-year-old daughter as the primary nanny in Westster Hall seems perfect, even if her new boss, Mason King (dark, handsome, stubborn), is a little buttoned up. But no line of silver comes without a cloud, in the form of Mason’s younger brother, Benedict. Mason King is an issue, Benedict King is a problem. Wild, uncontrollable, and determined to take her down with him.

Soon Eva is embroiled in plots surrounding a missing duchess, schemes between the brothers for the ducal throne, and she might be catching feelings for both men. Then the third King brother returns… plunging everything Eva knows into chaos, and threatening to bring Westster Hall and all of its secrets down around her.

Here’s your tip-out. Sorry, it’s not better.” Erica wrinkles her nose at me, handing me over a fistful of bills like it’s not great, but to me, it’s enough. Today’s shift was alright, with our regulars knocking back beers at the bar. There’s also a big stag party handing out bigger tips than I’m used to. It’s going to help significantly with me making rent this week. Since I got back from abroad, I’ve been living in a week-to-week rental on the ragged edge of NoHo. Before tonight fell into my lap with extra tip money, it looked like I would have to plead forgiveness from my landlord, Mrs. K.

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