Twins For The Alien Warrior by Athena Storm (PDF)

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Book Name:Twins For The Alien Warrior
File Size:345KB

Story Line:

Smoke drifts up lazily from the end of my dopamine stick, lending its haze to the flickering light hanging over the Big Chance Casino’s decidedly unglamorous rear exit. Up front it’s all glitz and bright lights, but back here…plain gray stone and a crumbling façade. It strikes me as a metaphor for my life and career. Up front, it’s all glitz and bright lights.

But peek behind the curtain and you’ll see things are rotten. I peer up at the green and white orb dominating the night sky. Lykar 5, the largest planet in the Lkyar system, and an uninhabitable gas giant. One of its twelve moons is habitable, though. Kylax, where I have made my home for the past six months. Unfortunately. When I took Orbahn’s deal, I was assured I would be the headliner at his brand new casino.

Only he didn’t tell me the whole story. He never said it would be a rinky dink casino on a next to forgotten frontier moon. He also didn’t tell me I’d be working for Calfan. That would have been a deal breaker had I known what I’d be in for. I know Calfan pays tribute to the Nine and Orbahn in particular just to run the casino. Technically Orbahn owns my contract, not Calfan. But just try telling that to my boss.

He seems to think that because I sing on his stage he has some sort of claim to me. No matter how many times I correct him in ways both subtle and overt. I never should have left Glimner to come here. The rear door opens, and I glance over with casual disinterest.

A short, green scaled sapient with a cheap, bad fitting suit and three eyes appears. All three of the eyes narrow when they see me. “What the hell are you doing out here?” he sputters, flecks of spittle flying out toward me. “It’s almost showtime, and the house is packed! You’re standing here in a bathrobe with no makeup.” I sigh and crush out my stick.

I was just grabbing a smoke before showtime, Calfan. Chill the fuck out.” “But the customers are expecting a show, and at this rate you’re going to keep them waiting.” “Then let them wait,” I say with a shrug. “I hear it’s good for the soul.” His face twists up into a grimace.

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