True Belonging by Ella Cooper (PDF)

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Book Name:True Belonging
File Size:649KB

Story Line:

The desire for my inheritance has driven my family to take extreme measures.

When my mother found out that I inherited everything, she wanted to destroy me to get it. I ran. Then, I end up in a barn in the middle of nowhere, caught by the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Flint Mayfield. He is rugged, rough, protective and kind. Instantly, I want to stay, but I cannot do this. I need to keep moving, to be one step ahead of my family no matter what. Until I know that I will win. Yet, here I am, unable to pull away from Flint, who is the first man that has ever made me feel truly safe.

Well, here I am,” I said to myself as I drove the truck through the gate with Heaven’s Peak Ranch scrawled across it in letters made of rotting wood. That would be the first thing that I fixed. Ahead, the dusty road split into four. I took the turn-off to the left that led to the main farmhouse.

Trepidation traveled through my body as I saw the building creep upward in the distance. I could spot a group of people milling about near the entrance, obviously waiting for me. I had to wonder if they were there to help, or if they were going to lay into me the moment I got out of the truck.

Parking horizontally in front of the farmhouse, I took a deep breath and tried to convince myself that it was all going to be fine. None of them were going to try anything physical in front of the rest of the family.

Don’t be stupid,” I chastised myself. Of course they weren’t going to try and murder me. Even cousin Lawrence wouldn’t go that far, despite the fact that he must have been absolutely furious at this turn of events.

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