Traitor of the Entitled by Shari L. Tapscott (PDF)

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Book Name:Traitor of the Entitled
File Size:1.8MB

Story Line:

Previously published under Shari’s pen name, Shannon Lynn Cook, the Obsidian Queen series returns in an updated edition. This contemporary fantasy is full of magic and humor, perfect for readers who enjoy swoony romance and sparking chemistry.

It’s not easy being a fix-it girl in a sea of fire-wielders and healers, but Chloe doesn’t mind all that much. All her adult life, she’s kept her head down and ran her one-woman tech repair business, keeping out of everyone’s way and drawing as little attention to herself as possible. Life is good. Or at least it is until Chloe meets Eric, a six-foot-four gladiator lookalike with the ability to simultaneously wield a gun in one hand and soothe a kitten with his other.

He’s a knight marshal. He’s not to be trusted. He’s also the nicest guy Chloe’s ever met. Now Chloe’s life is careening down a dangerous path, and Eric just might be the only person she can rely on. But can she trust the enemy? And when it comes down to it, is he truly an enemy at all?

I reluctantly turn, pressing my lips together as though he’s a nuisance and I’m simply humoring him. The truth is, though, I’m just as captivated by Eric as the rest of the crowd. Which is bad. One look at the knight marshal and you know he’s trouble. Built like a linebacker, Eric is six-foot-four-inches of handsome, with Nordic blond hair and light blue eyes. He’s smiling now, his gaze on me, and my pulse increases without my permission.

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