Too Much In Common by Lorin Grace (PDF)

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Book Name:Too Much In Common
File Size:325KB

Story Line:

Pale winter sunlight cast a shadow at Chris’s feet as he stepped out of the rideshare. The light held no warmth to melt the snow mounds at the curb of Two Garden Tower. Evening, Mr. Johnson. The doorman’s scarf covered half his face. His eyes smiled as he opened the door as he did from noon to until early evening each day for the Tower’s residents and guests. It would be useless to tell the former bodyguard to stand inside, out of the cold.

Javier sat behind the computer at the entrance desk. Like Chris, he wore a dark suit. He raised his fist for a fist bump. “Hey, you just missed the last roommate in 40A The women you roped me into helping carry couches and boxes for Friday? Yeah. You have a lot in common with her.” His roommate grinned as if he’d made some brilliant joke.

Curious, Chris leaned over the counter, hoping to glimpse the new resident’s profile. The computer screen only showed the time and the Tower’s logo. Well, she wasn’t punctual, eliminating one commonality. “Any concern that she is two days later than planned?”

Any irregularity on the secure floors immediately below his principal’s penthouse caught Chris’s attention. When they helped Simone and Brit move in, the cousins had said they expected the last roommate on Saturday.

Javier glanced around the empty lobby before answering. “No, she works for Legacy Airlines too. Apparently, her flight back to O’Hare turned into two unplanned days at work.”And you know this how?”

“She came in to have her photo and fingerprint scans today. She talked, I listened.” As head of building security, Javier completed residents’ background checks from Hastings Security. Still, the woman in question moved on to the same secure floor where Javier and Chris shared an apartment. Chris needed to know at least a few basics. A photo would be helpful, so he wouldn’t mistake her for an intruder.

“She didn’t do them before they moved in?” Another red flag unfurled in Chris’s mind. How did Javier know she wasn’t some imposter?

“Couldn’t. She was at a funeral. Alan Hastings ran her background and cleared it. Chill. You don’t have to worry about everyone in the building. That’s my job.” Javier logged off and turned the desk back over to a uniformed security guard. Either his roommate had finished his work for the day—unlikely—or he’d heard rumors of the incident already.

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