To the Moon and Back by N.R. Walker (PDF)

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Book Name:To the Moon and Back
File Size:1.1MB

Story Line:

Gideon Ellery had the perfect life. Nice house, great job, and a long-time boyfriend. Weeks after adopting his nephew, his boyfriend splits, leaving Gideon a single father to a newborn. Overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and unsure how to navigate fatherhood, he’s asked to return to the office. He’s overwhelmed and at his breaking point. Toby Barlow is back in Sydney after three years of studying, travelling, and nannying in the UK.

He needs work and a place to live, and the perfect solution drops in his lap. After all, caring for a sweet baby in a beautiful home owned by a gorgeous single man isn’t exactly terrible. Gideon isn’t too keen to share his life with a stranger, but his need for help is too great. Sunshiny Toby isn’t prepared for a grumpy Gideon or his utterly adorable son, Benson. Or how easily he slots into their lives. And Gideon’s not prepared for how much he needs Toby.

Or how much he wants him. Neither is prepared for the complications of falling in love. Gideon sighed, exhausted. Actually, he was so exhausted, he needed a new word for it. He looked at Lauren and Jill, his dearest friends, and nodded. “I know.”Benson stirred, his waking grizzles clear through the baby monitor. “I’ll get him,” Jill said gently, and disappeared down the hall.Lauren patted Gideon’s knee. “It’ll be okay,” she reassured. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Gideon knew it was, even if it stung. He’d thought he could do it. Being left on his own with a six-week-old baby had been awful. Having his life upended, having his long-term partner simply walk out on them, had been awful. And after six weeks of trying to do it all—full-time work, full-time dad—it had just been too much. Lauren and Jill had helped immensely, but they couldn’t do it forever. Gideon could barely keep his eyes open, and it was only a matter of time before something went wrong.

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