Thoroughly Seduced by Chantry Dawes (PDF)

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Book Name:Thoroughly Seduced
File Size:2.4MB

Story Line:

She dislikes him. He dislikes her. But they cannot resist one another.

Miss Birdie Darley desires a grand adventure before marrying, but she gets more than even her dramatic imagination could have wished for! Several balls where she keeps running into a handsome, charming but terribly annoying man, an illicit meeting in a dark and deserted mews, and skating on the Thames at the Frost Fair all lead to the grandest adventure for Birdie Darley. Two men. One, she has always dreamed of marrying. The other she has always disliked. She has only to discover which of the two is stealing from the crown and which one has stolen her heart. Save one, turn in the other. And hope that they are not one and the same.

The ancient draft horse’s spine was digging into her bottom where she rode on his old, bowed back.

Thunder an’ turf, please run,” Miss Birdie Darley begged the wagon horse in an urgent whisper. “I am rescuing you! Well, ’tis the truth that I am stealing you back from those men who took you, actually! But you must go faster, please! I know it is very cold, but can you not at the very least trot? Or better yet, canter or gallop?

Birdie peered behind her into the dark to see if the smugglers had returned and noticed the missing horses. She saw nothing but a few falling snowflakes in the night.

The boy had been correct. The horses were being stolen to sell to France. It had taken her over a month to find just the right shallow inlet along the channel, and sure enough, she had also found smugglers. She just needed to live long enough to give her report!

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