The Yearning by L. Miles (PDF)

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Book Name:The Yearning
File Size:1.6MB

Story Line:

I’m Saige Kinley, and despite all their deception, I’ve fallen for these men. Being ensnared by the most powerful immortals in the country felt scary and exhilarating. Rationally, I should run from them, and I hated how much I didn’t want to. No matter the betrayal or the lies, there was no going back now. These dangerous men stole me from my world, but they belonged to me as much as I belonged to them. Can we last? Danger lurks on the horizon as enemies turn their attention to me.

Our twisted love may be powerful, but I was now my men’s biggest weakness. Who will be sacrificed? Between humans and immortals, one had to give in. These immortals want to take everything I have. And I might have already handed it all over.

My cheek radiated with stinging pain. I gnawed my jaw until the feeling gradually faded away.

Saige took advantage of my momentary surprise to slip out of my arms and dart out of my reach. My duchess may not look the part, but I bet she’d have a powerful right hook. Her accusing eyes made me want to look away, but I willed myself to stand my ground. I closed my eyes at her shuddering exhale.

After our unresolved conflict after the dinner meeting, I knew how she felt about being forced to do anything. I knew the potential consequences of pushing this marriage on her. The risks were obvious when I made my decision.

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