The Sphynxian’s Destiny by Bella Blair (PDF)

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Book Name:The Sphynxian’s Destiny
File Size:2.5MB

Story Line:

Istood on the observation deck pondering the decision I had to make. I was glad that calm had finally settled over the transporter and I sighed deeply, tension leaving my body as I breathed in the peace and quiet surrounding me. When I signed up with the Intergalactic Special Forces I somewhat expected things would be different, but I hadn’t quite expected the way my life had been turned upside down.

All my life, I thought I yearned for other people; to be part of a group, a community. What I hadn’t taken into consideration was that since I had spent the better part of my life alone and in hiding, I would crave solitude above all else. Some might call the way I had lived savage and hermitic; I called it surviving. The Abbaddoths had hunted down all sprouting settlements one by one; any place where more than ten humans congregated, they considered fair game.

Sure, some managed to survive, but had the Intergalactic Alliance not interfered when they did, every single town would have eventually fallen. I barely survived an attack on ours. I made it out alive only by sheer will, stubbornness, and my father’s sacrifice, and I never joined another. Instead, I sought refuge in the same woods my father and I had known so well, surviving off the land for years. Alone. Six months went by before I even found out that the Abbaddoths were gone.

It would have been longer too, had I not killed the giant grizzly bear who took me by surprise. It had been him or me, and I sustained many injuries during our fight, which was why I visited a militia stronghold to find medicine. I had traded with them before; they were one of the decent settlements that wouldn’t try to force me to stay. Run by an experienced militia leader, General Manchester, it was one of the few places where I found safety.

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