The Scarred Duchess Deal by Harriet Caves (PDF)

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Book Name:The Scarred Duchess Deal
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Story Line:

I gave her my word that I would never marry or sire an heir.” Tessa’s life was ruined overnight when her own brother set their house on fire. But despite the horrible scars she now bears on her skin, the stares and whispers that tail her are much harder to live with. In contrast to most gentlemen, who are forced into marriage, the Duke of Huxton made his dying mother a promise he can never break: never marry and never sire an heir. And he intends to honor her memory. Until… a lady unlike any other stumbles into his arms.

ow can anybody expect to create beautiful works of art with something so hideous in the room?”

The words hung in the air like pungent smoke. They lingered, unwarranted and cruel as the entirety of Anna Windrop’s embroidery group exchanged nervous glances. They all knew who Dorothea Abernathy was referring to – it was sheer ingrained social politeness that kept their eyes off the person in question. Anna could feel the burden of conversation shift to her. It was her home, her drawing room, and her embroidery group after all. Each of the members looked to her to smooth over the faux pas so that they could resume their needlework.

Anna laughed uncomfortably. She hoped that she might be able to pass off the rude comment as being attributed to Dorothea’s old age. That was no excuse for rudeness, but it was better to blame that than for Anna to admit that it might have been a mistake to invite the elderly woman in the first place. It was not as if Dorothea’s hands were steady enough to hold the needle anyway. They had not been able to display a single one of her creations in years. “Good heavens, Dorothea, your tongue wags more freely with each birthday you celebrate.”

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