The Roma’s Promise by Shae Coon (PDF)

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Book Name:The Roma’s Promise
File Size:1MB

Story Line:

At least that’s what the doctors and the man claiming to be my husband tell me. But after spending a month in a mental health hospital, I’m left questioning everything. The memories of Emiliano Calvano and our time together fade with each passing day until one day … they’re gone. Was he ever real? Was it all in my imagination, a dark romance novel of my own making? Or is someone else writing the story? My heart tells me my dark Roma don will come for me, but will he make it before I’m written out of the story entirely?

A mafia romance full of mystery, intrigue, and steam, The Roma’s Promise will have readers on the edge of their seats to see if Emiliano comes back into Greta’s life despite the odds.

How are the daily exercises going? Are you feeling more focused?” Doctor Meyer, my psychiatrist, asks like she does every time I see her. She is a tall blonde German woman with blue eyes and slight wrinkles around her eyes and mouth.

I’ve been at Saint Augustine’s Mental Health Hospital in Sardinia for barely a month, and if I wasn’t crazy before, I sure as shit am now. Every day is the same: sleep, eat, group activities designed for kindergartners, drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Drugs to help us sleep, to help us be calm, even drugs to enable us to take a crap. How does anyone get well in a place like this? I told you: I was never unfocused,” I spit. I see,” she says condescendingly and scribbles something into her tablet.

No, I don’t think you do, Doctor, or else you would tell them that I’m completely in my right mind and not a danger to myself or others and to let me the fuck go,” I argue. The look of murder I send her way doesn’t help my cause.

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