The Pumpkin Patch in Lily Vale Village by Imogen Payne (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:The Pumpkin Patch in Lily Vale Village
File Size:1.1MB

Story Line:

Tabby Simmons knew she was playing with fire when she got involved with her boss. Fleeing the fast-paced city and her failed romance, she finds refuge on her Uncle Abe’s farm in the quaint village of Lily Vale. There, she reunites with Harry Brown, the boy from her childhood who’s all grown up and just as infuriating as ever. As she sets out to restore her uncle’s beloved pumpkin patch to its former glory, Tabby uncovers a mystery that threatens to shatter the peace of the family farm. But with Harry by her side, she’s determined to get to the bottom of it and bring back the magic to the pumpkin patch. However, when a shocking tragedy comes to light, Tabby’s future is left uncertain. With the farm and her heart on the line, will Tabby be able to solve the mystery and find love in the process?

Stifling a yawn, I glance at the digital clock on my computer screen. Eight minutes past three. Just six thousand, seven hundred and twenty seconds to go until freedom. With a deep sense of ennui, I mindlessly type out a few random words on the keyboard, in a vain attempt to appear busy. Slick Solutions isn’t the most exciting place to work at the best of times, but at ten past three on a Friday afternoon, the boredom is almost unbearable.

It doesn’t help that my job is extremely tedious – half the time, I find myself with nothing to do until the phone on my desk inevitably rings. Well, I guess that’s the primary role of a Personal Assistant, to be on hand to take the boss’ messages and sort through the mountains of paperwork. It’s not the most fulfilling job, I’ll admit, but hey, at least I’m climbing the career ladder … albeit very, very slowly.

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