The Meet by T. Honeycutt (PDF)

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Book Name:The Meet
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Story Line:

Rogue billionaires with a dark past can be dangerous and hot. Never in a million years did I dream of finding a retired one who was trying to atone for his countless sins. I am a woman more than a third his age, and I want to be his last chance at redemption. I want my new daddy to scoop me up and tear me down. He has many misgivings about us, especially my ex-boyfriend and my insane mafioso family, who all want me back in their clutches. If my reluctant daddy wants to get to heaven, he’d better come out of retirement and help me battle the demons of my past.

When I met Dmitry, he was living alone on his mountain. I had just turned twenty, and he was over twice my age. What I love to remember are all the dumb, romantic, and hot times. Along with the many happy endings… When we met, though, I was a virgin. I also had a boyfriend named Sebastian. He was my age and convenient. Up to that point, the relationships in my life were meaningless at best.

My dad’s evil twin brother, Antonio, was the worst. He started molesting me when I was twelve. Trust me. I’m not into sexy alpha holes. No. Most men are brutes with zero spark in their eyes. They attracted me the same way a vacuum sucks air.

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