The Master and His Moving Castle by Kaeya Lee (PDF)

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Book Name:The Master and His Moving Castle
File Size:497KB

Story Line:

He dreamed of the bar, the surrounding streets untouched by the madness that had taken the world apart, but empty. Everything cast in a motionless spell like a video game stuck loading, NCPs off-screen unable to complete their loop.

Yuri wandered the streets, memories stirring as he passed a dozen places that had given him a sense of freedom before the end. His escape from the cult, short-lived, but he had found excitement beyond the walls.

The tattoo parlor, the tiny studio apartment three floors up that was barely enough to move around, the bar and the kitchen that had become his second home, and the bus stop to culinary school. All bits of his past, he thought long lost and faded with time.

He reached for the door of the bar, expecting it to be locked, but it opened, and the scent of smoke and booze flooded his senses. It was suffocating for a half second as he stepped inside, chatter coming from the TV and a handful of occupied tables. No one had faces, just blurred blank spaces as he gazed around.

The shape at the bar made his breath catch.

Yuri trembled, taking a few steps forward, fearing the man would vanish, but the outline stayed the same. The lithe form, with inky black hair and teal streak down one side, leaned forward in his seat, glass gripped in his grasp. Hunched in on himself as though trying to be small and go unnoticed.

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