The Marriage Betrothal by Aja Foxx (PDF)

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Book Name:The Marriage Betrothal
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Story Line:

Finding out that I was engaged was a bit of a surprise, especially since I hadn’t agreed to it. Finding out that my fiancé was business tycoon Lucas Kincaid was a shock. Family betrothal agreement or not, I may end up murdering this guy before I marry him. I liked my life just the way it was. I did not need some arrogant jerk coming in and trying to dictate to me how I should live it. Yes, he was sexy as hell, but that didn’t mean I was going to follow his orders. Maybe it was time to show my new fiancé who he was really engaged to. Not sure he was going to survive the introduction.

~ Lucas ~ I’d known for years that there was an old family agreement that betrothed me to Kyue Panich. We each came from socially elite backgrounds, were well educated and reasonably attractive. We both knew the score so I did not see what the problem was, but Kyue had been a thorn in my side since our first meeting. Now that the wedding plans had started, maybe it was time to show Kyue that his little temper tantrums wouldn’t get him very far with me. I had a reputation to uphold and I refused to allow some mouthy little brat to tarnish it. I was fairly certain that I could find a paddle somewhere.

Warning: Gay erotic romance. The material in this book contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only. All characters involved are adults capable of consent, are over the age of eighteen, and are willing participants.

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