The Housekeeper’s Invitation To Italy by Cathy Williams

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Book Name:The Housekeeper’s Invitation To Italy
File Size:4MB

Story Line:

THE BUILDING WASN’T quite what Sophie had been expecting. Although now that she was standing outside the impressive Georgian edifice she had to concede that she had just rushed to assume the obvious. Arrogant billionaire…shiny over-the-top offices. The sort of place that announced in no uncertain terms that its occupant was not a man to be messed with because he was bigger, stronger and richer than you.

Buffeted by a brutal winter wind, and noting that it was already dark at a little after five-thirty in the afternoon, she remained hesitantly staring at the building. It was an impeccably groomed four-storeyed town house, fronted by black railings and a shallow flight of steps that led up to a black door. In all respects it was identical to all the other town houses in this uber-prestigious crescent in the heart of London.

From Bentleys to Teslas, every single car parked was high-end. There was a hush about the place which made her think that if she hung around for too long, staring and frowning and dithering, wondering whether she had done the right thing or not, then someone would materialise out of thin air and escort her right back to the busy streets a stone’s throw away. Possibly by the scruff of her neck.

Galvanised by the prospect of that, Sophie hurried across the completely empty road, up the bank of steps, and realised that the gleaming brass knocker was just there for show—because there was a discreet panel of buttons to the side and a speakerphone. Just for a few seconds, she took time out to contemplate where she was and why.

She’d had a long and uncomfortable journey from raw and wintry Yorkshire down to London—a journey undertaken with the sort of subterfuge she personally loathed, and with an outcome that was far from predictable. She had a message to be relayed under cover of darkness, because Leonard-White had expressly banned her from contacting his son, and what sort of reception was she going to get?

Having gone against the wishes of her boss to uneasily follow what her inner voice had told her? She had no idea, because Alessio Rossi-White, from everything she had seen of him, was a forbidding and terrifyingly remote law unto himself. Sophie pressed the buzzer, and the nerves which she had been keeping at bay leapt out from their hiding places and her heart began to beat faster.

The disembodied voice on the other end was a woman’s, clipped and well-modulated, and it told her that, no, unless an appointment had been made, there was absolutely no chance that she would be allowed in. ‘I’m afraid,’ the woman said, without a trace of regret in her voice, ‘that Mr Rossi-White is only in the city for a few days, and his calendar is far too packed for him to see anyone at all, whatever the circumstances. Of course,’ she added, ‘if you would like to make an appointment.

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