The HellBeast’s Sacrifice by Stephanie Hudson (PDF)

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Book Name:The HellBeast’s Sacrifice
File Size:456KB

Story Line:

As soon as I heard this, I turned my body, putting my back to the trash can and covering my mouth as shock tore through me. Orson had not only been working for Koro, the Gypsy warrior who had failed at getting me into Hell, but he was also his… his… Brother! I closed my eyes and forced myself to ignore all of this. To push it all away to the back of my mind, because now was not the time for this! No, I had to get out of here. I had to… to… get home.

That was where Jared said he would find me. “Come on, girl.” I heard Orson practically growl, making me freeze, thinking at first that he had found me hiding. But when no hand reached for me, I chanced taking a look. This was only to find an impatient Orson looking to the store. It was clear he was still waiting for me and hoping any second I would walk out of the door.

Of course, when this didn’t happen, he yanked his keys out of the gas cap, stuffed them into his pocket and began storming his way across the forecourt. But more importantly… He hadn’t locked the door. Foolish trust. I quickly made my way around to the driver’s side, keeping low as I opened his door and slid my body in. Then, knowing I didn’t have long, I hoisted myself up and grabbed a flat head screwdriver from the toolbox in the flatbed.

I was also thanking my lucky stars that, like me, Orson had a thing for older trucks, because this meant all I needed to do to start it up was jam the screwdriver in the ignition and turn. And with no immobilizer, this made it possible. I wrenched on the steering wheel to break the steering lock the second it started up. After this, I sat up and put it into gear the very second Orson tore out of the store, only to see me about to drive away.

Then, like a bad ass, I gave him the finger as I drove off, making him snarl angrily. I also watched in the mirror, just to be sure what he would do next, feeling relieved when he didn’t just attack some poor guy and steal his car. I looked to the dash and couldn’t help but grin when I saw his wallet, shaking my head with a smirk before muttering, “Idiot.” After this I knew I needed to plan.

Because he would soon realize I had his cards and before he had chance to think to cancel them all, I needed to get myself enough fuel to get me home. So, even though I knew it was risky, I stopped at the next gas station with a firm plan in mind. Because I couldn’t risk him tracking where I had used his card and if he found it not far from where I had left him, he would only have a starting point close by. I needed to be smart here.

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