The Guest With Claws by Ella Maven (PDF)

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Book Name:The Guest With Claws
File Size:1.2MB

Story Line:

I’ve never met him before… so why do I feel as if I’ve known him all my life?

Scoring a job at the exclusive and secretive Hotel Castle Verna is exactly what I need to pay off my debt and avoid a punishment I might not survive. The guests are a little eccentric, but they are great tippers. All I have to do is ignore the strange sights, smells, and sounds coming from the guest rooms, and I can remain gainfully employed. Simple, right? Except there’s one guest at the hotel who’s always watching me with his mismatched black and white eyes.

Half his face is covered with a black mask, and his stare sets my skin on fire. I don’t know him… and yet I feel known with every stolen glance.Strange happenings are going on at the hotel, and each day, I fall deeper into a world I never knew existed. And the guest who’s watching me? He isn’t who I thought he was… but then again, neither am I.

The doorman stared down his nose at me. The wall sconces on either side of the door cast a yellow glow over his waxy complexion. His eyes were a sharp blue that pinned me where I stood.

“I have an interview.” I tried not to fumble my words. Making a good impression here was vital. I needed this job. “With, um…” Shit, I knew the manager’s name, but stuck under this man’s piercing glare, my mind went blank. And then I couldn’t stop the panicked sounds from rolling off my tongue. “It’s, um, uh—”

Yes, that was it. I’d practiced it in my head a million times in my bare bones apartment. I’d said it to the raven I’d named Gary who visited my window for food scraps. I’d repeated it in the shower getting ready for this damn interview. My stomach squirmed, and I placed a hand there. The doorman’s eyes dipped down, and I quickly shoved my hand behind my back.

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