The Forever One by N.O. One (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:The Forever One
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

Hell hath no fury like a scorned mafia queen. They couldn’t have my blood so they went after my husband. Their mistake was underestimating me. Controlled by my past and the responsibilities my true heritage bestows on me, I’m driven to make decisions I never once considered. In the midst of chaos, families either come together or choose deceit, allowing the tragedies born from the war to scar us beyond recognition. But we stand together, fight together, and seek out our truths together as one. I have lost. I have suffered. I have grown. I am finally allowing this love I once rejected to fill my heart with brand new possibilities, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep us whole. Forever.

The first sign that shit went wrong is the taste in my mouth as consciousness begins to tap at my frontal lobe. My mouth is pasty with an aftertaste of copper, which tells me I’ve got blood in or around my mouth. The salty, almost soapy taste at the back of my throat tells me even more. I was drugged, probably with some kind of Benzo. If I had to guess, I’d say liquid ecstasy fits the bill.

I’m lying on my side—the pressure along my ribs impossible to ignore—on cool, uneven flooring like an unfinished basement or a cabin exposed to the outside forces of nature. Keeping my eyes closed, I concentrate on any sounds I can recognize, but there are none.

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