The Duke’s Wager by Ella Edon (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:The Duke’s Wager
File Size:2.2MB

Story Line:

With every beat of love’s passionate drum, a frozen heart will finally succumb… Lady Lucy Beaumont, a rose in the gardens of society, blossoms in a world of thorns and deceit. Behind the glittering façade of the ton lies a dark truth; her mother was a victim of a cruel and jealous husband. Vowing never to fall into the same fate, Lucy shields her heart from all.

But when the mysterious and alluring Edward enters her life, she finds herself drawn into a tempest of desire, where the winds of passion threaten to uproot all she thought she knew. Edward Lockhart, a scandalous rogue with a shattered heart, sails the seas of society, shielding himself from love’s tumultuous waves. But when he sets his sights on the season’s fairest gem, Lady Lucy Beaumont, a challenge arises.

Dubbed the “ice queen,” Lucy is as distant as a star yet as alluring as the moon. Edward, with a devilish smirk, sets out to conquer her heart and prove to his rival that he is, indeed, London’s greatest lover. Little does he know the journey ahead will test the strength of his sails and the depth of his soul.

As they embark on a dangerous dance of passion, the line between desire and love begins to blur. And Edward will soon realize that the ice queen’s heart may be one worth melting. But as the veil of secrets is lifted and pasts collide, will their love flourish or will it wilt away into the dust?

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