The Duke’s Cinderella by Hazel Linwood (PDF)

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Book Name:The Duke’s Cinderella
File Size:3.9MB

Story Line:

When you are around, everyone else pales in comparison.”Barbara sneaks out to a masquerade ball, knowing she must never reveal her identity. Not even to the extremely charming Duke she meets. When the clock strikes midnight, she knows she will never see him again. Yet fate proves her wrong at her sister’s wedding party.

Duke Alexander swears to find his mystery Cinderella. And his search begins with the only clue he has: a mole on her neck. But his oath trembles when rebellious Barbara invades his mind, forcing him to face a cruel dilemma. Fortunately for his torn heart he might have fallen for the same woman.. twice.

Dear sister, surely you cannot be serious about sneaking out to attend the ball tonight.” Susan Palmer cast a dubious look at her older sister, Barbara Palmer.

Barbara turned the corners of her mouth upwards into a coy smile. “I have already picked out my dress, and I should hope that you will assist me in choosing the right hairstyle for the occasion. Mother and father are going to be livid once they find out you have gone against their wishes and attended the ball!” Susan exclaimed with an incredulous expression stretched across her delicate features.

The two sisters were only two years apart in age but poles apart in their respective personalities. Susan had always been a good girl, eager to please her parents, and she always abided by the rules, but Barbara had a free spirit and a mind of her own. She and her parents often failed to see eye-to-eye since Barbara was always obstinate about getting what she wanted, one way or another.

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