The Dragon King’s Rock Star by Amy Sumida (PDF)

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Book Name:The Dragon King’s Rock Star
File Size:2.2MB

Story Line:

The Dragons of Serai Series continues in this epic clash of worlds!

My life was perfect. Or so I thought. I’m Mason Byrne and I’m a rock star. I travel the world, have millions in my bank account, and take a new lover every night. What could be better than that? Then one night, I’m playing the Tokyo Dome and a light appears onstage. Not a spotlight but a ragged oval of glowing, sparking energy that appeared in midair and swallowed me whole. The next thing I knew,

I was on another planet, a world called Serai where humans are in the minority and shapeshifting Dragons rule. Luckily, I found a group of great guys who took me under their wing. Or under their antlers, rather. They’re taking me to the crown city of Avlar to speak to the Dragon King. The Dragon God just arrived on Serai, shortly before I did, and if anyone can get me home, it’s a god. I just need to convince the Dragon King to take me to his god and then convince the god to take me home. But the longer I’m on Serai, the more I begin to wonder where home is.

I glanced up at my dressing room mirror to see his face. He was handsome, a bit slimmer than I preferred, but definitely hot. I liked really masculine men with bodies that looked as if they’d been in the gym all day. They usually had the tightest asses too. But I was in Japan where it was harder to come by men like that. Fit guys? Sure, they abounded. But big, buff men who towered over me and made me feel like a fucking conqueror when I bent them over and made them scream? Not so much. I slapped the guy’s ass, and it jiggled a little, but inside, he squeezed me just right. I grunted and sped up, the dressing table he was bent over shaking so badly, a water bottle rolled off it and hit the floor.

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