The Devine Doughnut Shop by Carolyn Brown (PDF)

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Book Name:The Devine Doughnut Shop
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Story Line:

Where’s the nearest convent or boot camp?” Grace Dalton stormed into the kitchen of the Devine Doughnut Shop that Friday morning. “This daughter of mine needs to spend some time in whichever one that will take her What has Audrey done now?” Grace’s younger sister, Sarah, asked She sent me a text last night after I’d gone to bed and said that she had been suspended for today,” Grace answered as she slipped a bibbed apron over her head and tied the strings in the back.

She tucked her hair up into a net and moved over to the sink to wash her hands. Their cousin Macy, who was a partner at the doughnut shop, set the bowls up on the counter to get the dough made and rising. “Good Lord! What did she do?” Grace flipped the hot doughnuts into a bowl of powdered sugar glaze, turned them over, and set them out on a different rack to cool.

She got caught with a pack of cigarettes and one of those little sample bottles of whiskey at school. When she goes back after spring break, she gets to spend two days in the in-school suspension building. I’m paying for your raising, Sarah June, not mine. I was the good child.

Thank you for that. But, honey, you were every bit as bad as me. You just hid it better.” Sarah turned around, saw what her sister was doing, and pushed a strand of platinum hair up under a net. “I appreciate you glazing those doughnuts, but you’ve got severe memory-loss problems if you think you were the good child.” “None of us can brag about shiny halos and big white fluffy wings,” Macy said.

Amen to that,” Grace said, “and I have to remember that Audrey’s father was one of those bad-boy types that mamas warn their girls about. She’s got his genes as well as mine, but she wasn’t this rebellious until she started running with those two girls, Crystal and Kelsey. She was so much easier to live with when she hung out with Raelene Andrews and that group of kids.

I’m glad that Neal and I have decided to have all boys when we start our family,” Macy said as she punched down a bowl full of dough, flipped it out on a floured board, and began to knead it. This is the last of what we’re making this morning. If we hadn’t sold out early to those fishermen, we wouldn’t have had to make more.” “Good luck with only having boys Grace grimaced. “You might remember that Justin did not have a halo. Your boys might grow up to be like him.

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