The Cyber Huntsman by Charlie Richards (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:The Cyber Huntsman
File Size:683KB

Story Line:

Into the Paranormal World: Experiencing a unique connection with a fellow online gamer, a human searches for him in the real world and is drawn into something he never thought possible.

After being medically discharged from the military, Cian Huntsman finds solace in two things—working out to keep his mobility and online gaming. In one game, he comes across PraernaTheResilient. Cian engages the man. He soon finds himself fascinated by him, and they share many conversations, even outside the game.

Cian soon realizes he wants more from Praerna and asks if they can meet. To his disappointment, Praerna says no, reminding him that he prefers online anonymity due to a disfigurement—hence his name—resilient. Having scars himself, Cian assures Praerna that whatever it is won’t matter to him. To Cian’s disappointment, Praerna shuts down communication with him. Unable to let it rest, Cian enlists the help of an army buddy and hacker to aid him in searching for Praerna via his IP address.

Once found, he goes there to surprise his friend… and maybe get some answers. What he finds is that the paranormal world exists and that Praerna is a gargoyle. Cian learns that his obsession with Praerna is caused by the Fates, as they are mates—the other half of each other’s souls.

Can Cian come to grips with his new reality in time to help the gargoyles when his buddy warns him that others in the area are searching for them, too?

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