The Crown the Fae Forgot by Eden Beck

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Book Name:The Crown the Fae Forgot
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

With a new court came a new betrayal.

Compared to the Southern Court, the Wildness—that dark, deceptive place that nearly ensnared me forever within its borders—was nothing more than child’s play. Because, at least, the lord of that dark forest told some truths. From the moment I stepped into the Southern Court, all I found was a maze of lies.

The first lie the court told me was that we’d be in its borders that first day when the guard intercepted us at the edge of Icarus’ domain. She spires that I spotted that first day were nothing more than an illusion—the first of many. For several days, the Southern soldiers guided us south to the Southern Court. Finch and Zev insisted on keeping careful watch over Shiel and me, but though they never left my side, I felt the space between us growing again as the days wore on.

Shiel had shifted into his fox form, a sign—apparently—that wasn’t good. Zev and Finch had both tried to reassure me that it only meant his body was focused on healing, but I saw the way their eyes never left their lord. Their lord, in turn, never left mine. His fox’s body, smaller than I remember, spent the days curled up in my lap, the slow rise and fall of his shoulders often the only sign that he still remained with us. His fiery-colored fur had been stained with blood, but he wouldn’t allow even his own men to examine the injury.

Every time they tried, fox-form Shiel would snap and snarl and foam at the mouth until we all agreed to leave him be, at least until he’d healed enough to return to his fae form—and at least some of his senses. I didn’t mind his company, but even more, I didn’t mind his silence. I needed it, needed the time to consider all that had passed in the weeks since the fae first appeared in my life and turned it upside down. There were still many mysteries to uncover, many questions left unanswered, but these were the things I knew for sure.

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