The Chaperone by Noelle Adams (PDF)

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Book Name:The Chaperone
File Size:844KB

Story Line:

In need of extra money after a divorce, I take a job with Companions for Hire. I’m not any good at it. I’m too quiet. Too shy. Too uncomfortable with social situations. So when I’m assigned as a kind of chaperone for the teenage daughter of a single father on a month-long trip to Europe, I jump at the chance. It sounds simple and pays really well. I assume the girl will be spoiled and her father will be a workaholic, but neither of them are what I expect.

Candice is bookish and withdrawn, and it’s a challenge to draw her out of her shell. But that’s nothing compared to what Hugh does to me. He’s smart and funny and dangerously attractive, and he keeps trying to get to know me. I shouldn’t want to get close to him. After my failed marriage, I’m not inclined to trust easily. Plus, getting close to him would be breaking the rules of my job. I work for Companions for Hire, which means sex is against the rules and falling in love is out of the question.

I arrive at 2:44 and have to kill time by making four laps around the block so that I don’t walk in ridiculously early. It’s a wise decision because when I step inside at five minutes before three, I spot the man I’m supposed to meet, and he’s finishing his interview with someone else. Backing out the door before he notices me, I lurk outside the entrance, pretending to be checking something on my phone.

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