The Boss’s Stolen Bride by Natalie Anderson (PDF)

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Book Name:The Boss’s Stolen Bride
File Size:727KB

Story Line:

You need to get married today? Then you can marry me…”

Today is not only Darcie Milne’s last day working for her insufferable yet infuriatingly handsome boss, billionaire Elias Greyson…it’s also her wedding day! She must marry to take custody of her orphaned goddaughter but, after arriving at the registry office, Darcie finds herself without her convenient groom. Renowned businessman Elias’s solution: he’ll wed his irreplaceable assistant—immediately! After all, taking a bride will help him secure an important contract. But then their first eye-opening kiss as man and wife suggests this marriage arrangement may not stay strictly professional…

ELIAS GREYSON HADN’T just mastered the art of avoiding inconvenient emotion, he’d perfected it—effortlessly ignoring not just his own, but that of all others. To be unmoved in the presence of histrionics made all decisions—be they business or personal related—clinical and easy. Rage, recriminations, pleas or guilt trips didn’t penetrate his armour. No matter the provocation, Elias Greyson didn’t overreact, didn’t get riled, and definitely didn’t make snap decisions in the heat of the moment because he always ensured any heat was eliminated from important negotiations. Emotional reactions led to poor outcomes, he found. A measured, rational, controlled response was right. And if he were occasionally accused of being a cold-blooded, ruthless bastard, so be it.

But today Elias was having a rare, imperfect day. Irritation burned up his spine—an irritation that had been building for the last two weeks. He checked the clock on his computer and said irritation roiled higher. He gritted his teeth. Of all the days for his ultra-efficient assistant to finally fail him. He was flying from London to the US in a few hours and he wanted everything organised ahead of take-off. His latest acquisition target, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, was proving a difficult fish to hook.

While the company would be useful for Elias to push further into the North American market, its chief exec, Vince Williams, considered ‘values’ to be important. The old man’s diligence searches went beyond company balance sheets all the way to any prospective raiding CEO’s silk ones. Apparently perfect Vince had been married to his childhood sweetheart Cora for over fifty years and was known to disapprove of a party lifestyle. Elias wasn’t quite the playboy he’d been a couple of years ago but apparently the fact he was still single was enough to cause ‘concern’. It was ridiculous and Elias would be informing Vince of the fact face-to-face at their meeting tomorrow.

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