The Big Bad’s Secret by Erin Havoc (PDF)

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Book Name:The Big Bad’s Secret
File Size:1.3MB

Story Line:

He’s my daddy’s best friend… and my best friend’s daddy. For the past three years, I’ve wanted someone I can’t have. My father’s best friend. His business partner. Big. Bulky. Twenty years older. My best friend’s father. It was just a crush. He’d never want someone as inexperienced as I am. And the fact he never glanced my way makes me want him more. He’s here for two weeks. Off limits. Forbidden. And I plan to give him everything before he leaves. That will be our little secret.

Curves and Ruins is a series of standalone short romances, HEA guaranteed. The heroines are always curvy, and the heroes are not the good guys. Reader beware: steamy scenes ahead.

When I was fifteen, I had my first proper kiss. A real kiss, with tongues and hands and everything. He was my classmate, a sort-of-handsome boy with salt-and-pepper hair and a dimple on his cheek. It wasn’t a good kiss. He was sloppy. His hands traveled too far up my body, and it felt like he was trying to find my tonsils with the tip of his tongue.

Even if it wasn’t a good kiss, I wanted to repeat it. He was nice, and I wouldn’t mind him trying again and again until he got the hang of it.

Two days later, I found out it had been a bet. It didn’t hurt as bad as I expected. School had always been a strange, cruel place, and that wasn’t the first time I was on the butt of a joke.

People saw the curvy girl, and they thought I was easy prey. It turns out that I had no feelings for any of those people. Half of the time, it felt like I was holding out for better things. Life would bring me what I deserved.

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