The Artist and the Playboy by Leigh Jenkins (PDF)

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Book Name:The Artist and the Playboy
File Size:654KB

Story Line:

Printed in bright red, yellow and green, and decorated with sprays of heliconia blossoms, the wide banner stretched across the entrance to the Customs Hall at the small tropical airport. Romy Bauer followed the long line of arriving tourists into the hall. She wondered if it was her imagination, perhaps triggered by the fact that she had just finished a ten-hour flight to a small Caribbean Island on the other side of the world, or did the air really feel warmer and smell sweeter?

She brushed flyaway locks of flaxen hair up off her forehead, slightly irritated. When she’d left Berlin, her long blonde hair had been carefully put up in a French twist, but now it flopped damp and limp around her face, a face she could feel was reddening with fatigue and heat.

How did anyone stand this humidity? “Bauer?” The Customs officer glanced at her luggage ticket and then at the large suitcase she’d hauled across from baggage claim after clearing Immigration. His accent was thick and melodious, so different from her own cool, clipped Germanic speech patterns. Charming, she thought.

She’d marveled at it throughout the flight and since she’d disembarked. It was as if they were singing, these Sabinans. He was dressed in almost old-fashioned regalia, a crisp tan and chocolate uniform with epaulettes and brass buttons. He turned his attention back to her eyes, pinning her down in that way people did when they were used to interrogating liars, making them feel shifty and uncomfortable. “Anything to declare?”

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