The Art and Science of Compassionate Care: A Practical Guide

The Art and Science of Compassionate Care: A Practical Guide for free download on PDFformat book through a direct link on our site already has the most recent updates The book was made available by Andreas Samoutis Release on March 17, 2023, under the E-Books & Audio Books genre You can now free download the most recent books and include all books on ebookszone website.

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Book Name:The Art and Science of Compassionate Care: A Practical Guide
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Story Line:

This book provides a practical guide on the art and science of compassionate care in an era of healthcare crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is inflicting long-lasting financial and psychosocial trauma on an unprecedented scale.

A new approach to compassionate care is presented based on the overarching concepts of empathy, person and family centeredness, therapeutic relationship, kindness, gratitude, spirituality, communication skills, shared decision making, positive psychology, adversity-activated development, self-care, compassion fatigue, spirituality which are more than ever critical in successfully managing the pandemic adversity in front of us.

This book draws on clinical experience, educational activities and evidence-based knowledge from academic physicians (primary, secondary and tertiary care), nurses, psychologists, health economists, healthcare managers, health policymakers, medical professionals students and patients.

It provides skills and knowledge that can be implemented in daily clinical practice based on all levels of healthcare on a whole-person approach. An array of clinical cases, patient journeys, published evidence and practical experience is combined to deliver in a practical way unique guidance and advice.

The target audience is all healthcare professionals, health policymakers, healthcare managers and patient associations. This approach of Compassionate Care is of great importance and can save lives and money in these unprecedented times of global healthcare care system challenges.

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