Tens: The Invitation by Jaye Pratt (PDF)

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Book Name:Tens: The Invitation
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Story Line:

Tens: The hottest, wealthiest, and most elite at Grand Ridge University.

Grand Ridge University is run by four men: Forrest, Apollo, Riggs, and Darwin. They’re spoiled, entitled, and have no idea about real-world struggles. But if I’m not careful, they’ll suck me into their lifestyle, and I’m not interested in becoming one of them. Yet that doesn’t stop them from inviting me to become a Ten. They want me to join them and to accept my family’s legacy, except when I find out the rules, I have no intention of taking a reigning crown. And rejection isn’t something they’re expecting. If they think I’ll submit, they’re sorely mistaken. They can try to break me and teach me a lesson, but they better be prepared for a fight because their silly games don’t scare me—they just make me want to get even. They’d better watch their backs because I’m coming for them.

The Rolls-Royce pulls up at the black wrought-iron gate, the security waving us through instantly. I gasp in disbelief with my nose pressed to the glass of the window, staring at the massive homes that pass by, waiting and wondering which one belongs to the Taigums. I never expected to be here my senior year of high school. I always thought once my mom passed on that I would move in with my best friend Leesha and finish off my senior year, but my mom had other plans.

She always told me that to get ahead in life, you need to rub shoulders with the right people. So here I am, not entirely against my will, though it’s not the path I would have chosen if she didn’t add it to her damn will. She came from money but chose love—with my father, who turned out to be a deadbeat and left her once her money ran out. Her parents disowned her the second they found out she was pregnant by a Five—not willing to look that far down from their own Tens’ status—and that included me by default.

But here I am in her hometown of Grand Ridge, about to move in with one of her best friends, Jennifer Taigum, who Mom claims was smart enough to choose money over love. I’ve never met the woman, but Mom told me lots of stories about her, and we received Christmas gifts every year from when I was about seven. I did ask her once why she never went back, and she said it was mainly her pride stopping her. But when you’re shunned by family and friends in that world, no one wants anything to do with you.

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