Taming her Taurus by Harpie Alexa (PDF)

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Book Name:Taming her Taurus
File Size:1.5MB

Story Line:

He will claim his revenge. And then he’ll claim her.

JORDAN Prince Taurik is not a bull you want to piss off. He doesn’t take prisoners, he slays them. Unfortunately for me, first contact has left me clapped in a collar and chains. And underneath all that scorching rage of his is another fire. One that burns for me. Too bad he’s already “promised” to another and the Queen Consort Nasrin wants me gone. Otherwise, I’d stay and not leave the first decent chance I get.

TAURIK The strange female from the stars destroyed my prized gardens—so I made her my pet. Jordan is soft, kind. She is not like the brash female Nasin demands me to marry. But as I hunt the traitors in the palace down, in the hopes of freeing myself from the queen consort’s grasp, the enemies I must weed out multiply. As does the growing danger to my pet. I must eliminate the threats to me and the crown at all cost. But another problem rises. Jordan consumes my thoughts… my loins. And if she continues to have her way, she will consume my heart too.

Lomak, the palace messenger, bowed deeply, a hint of fear in his quivering voice as his three tails stuck firmly to his backside.

Taurik pretended the male hadn’t interrupted him just now, resuming the hedge pruning to waste some time. The labyrinth courtyard had once belonged to Taurik’s mother, and if not him, the son of a forgotten queen, who else would take up the task?

Nasrin this, Nasrin that. It was bad enough that his father, the king, had married the handmaid whose late brother served on the council. It was bad enough that he also allowed her to busy the palace staff with menial tasks, and belittle those who failed to work to her expectations. But now this?

Now he was expected to endure this endless harassment too?

Taurik already knew what Nasin wanted. She intended him to marry her niece, Inbar, and take her as a mate—and as the future queen of the realm. That wasn’t going to happen. He’d already turned Inbar down several times already, but

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