Tainted Blood by TL Reeve (PDF)

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Book Name:Tainted Blood
File Size:1.5MB

Story Line:

Julian Moore has a dilemma on his hands. Avoid the loves of his life forever or lose them both.

When a mission ends abruptly, Julian is forced to walkaway unfulfilled and furious he couldn’t close the case. However, within twenty-four hours, new intelligence, along with a new mission, arrives in his email. FILO—First In Last Out has been alerted to the weaponization of blood products under the guise of protecting humanity. If Julian takes the case, he must work with the two people he believed he’d never see again, Danger Reeves and Jarah Ibraheim.

For over seventy years, he believed Jarah abandoned him, leaving him to rot for eternity. Five years ago, he changed the man he loved, Danger Reeves, because Julian couldn’t let him go. Can Julian heal his broken soul and work with his new partners, or will his anger, sense of betrayal, and guilt destroy their operation along with their society of supernatural beings?

All it’ll take is one slip up for all of them to die. The throbbing beat of electronica thrummed through the speakers of the seedy club just outside of London’s West End District. The evening had been a bust, and the target was a no show. I was ready to head home. Boring, for a vampire well over four hundred years old, but that happened when people, humans especially, got cold feet. Worse when cases went cold.

A last glance out onto the dancefloor, the hum of excitement burning a path through my system, and I’d had enough. Even as I watched in aroused awe while the humans surrounding me swayed and ground their hips together in a sensual manor, almost as if they were fucking for my entertainment only, the anger rose within me. To be so young and carefree. To not have to worry about what might lurk in the dark.

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