Tag by Nicola Jane (PDF)

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Book Name:Tag
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Story Line:

Tag Life for me is simple. I fight, party, and fu . . . well, you get the picture. Things change when my father can no longer stand as head of the family, leaving me to step up. And that means things are about to get serious. I want to move up in my world and be seen. I also want to marry Conner Martinez’s daughter, and to do that, I’ll need the help of my best friend, Anton.

The thing is, Anton loves nothing more than to compete. And seeing as the woman I love is his sister, he sets a different challenge. He’ll convince his father to let me marry Ella if I can get a cold, stone-hearted bitch to fall in love with me. In walks Lucy Clifford. She’s not impressed by my rippling muscles or my bad-boy charm. She doesn’t hang off my every word or jump into my bed when I click my fingers. It seems like an impossible task, but I’ve never backed out of a challenge. Nor have I lost a bet. So, one way or another, I’m going to get under Lucy’s skin until she falls head over heels in love with me. And then . . . I’m going to walk away and marry Ella.

Lucy Every inch of Matteo ‘Tag’ Corallo is bad. From his terrible choice of career as a cage fighter to his stupid after-party antics. I’m unimpressed by everything he has to offer, but that only seems to make him more determined to have me. Everywhere I look, there he is, shining his smile in my face and telling me how much he likes me. But I’m not the sort of woman to swoon at muscles and cash. If Tag wants me in his bed, he’s got to treat me like I’m his final conquest. And then . . . he’ll fall so deeply in love with me, he’ll never want to walk away.

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