Symphony for a Deadly Throne by E.J. Mellow (PDF)

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Book Name:Symphony for a Deadly Throne
File Size:456KB

Story Line:

Arabessa Bassette knew the uselessness of screams She knew because howls of agony she had extracted from many. Never would they curb the pain or restrain the tormentor from prying them free.

Still, knowing this did nothing to lessen her current urge to roar at the crowd in her path. Excuse me,” she said through gritted teeth as she twisted past yet another masked party ogling a shop window and clogging the dark sidewalk. Please, do step aside she tried again. Not a one budged; they merely kept pointing in shared disgusted delight at what was on display.

Move, you rodents!” Arabessa’s patience had finally snapped. “Or I shall add your fingernails to the ones hanging before you With squeaks of terror and flashes of wide eyes through disguises, they fled, leaving a momentary space in her path.

Tourists,” Arabessa grumbled, glaring through her own eye mask as she charged forward. Her outburst did not relieve her frustration even a hair If anything, she now felt mildly embarrassed Arabessa was not one to make a scene with her impatience.

That was saved for her younger sister Niya. But with the approaching Star Eclipse, the Thief Kingdom was flooded with visitors. And while this celebration, which occurred only every nine years, usually lightened Arabessa’s spirits, when in a hurry, maneuvering through busy streets filled with obtuse pedestrians did not a good mood make She had somewhere to be, but somewhere else to be before that And Arabessa was not one to be late That was saved for her youngest sister, Larkyra.

Allowing the cool caved air to fill her lungs, she attempted to calm her pricks of irritation as she squeezed by yet another group of slow-footed sightseers By the Fade, is this kingdom no longer hidden? thought Arabessa sourly as she rounded a corner.

She was used to the wave of old residents visiting for the next month of heightened debauchery, but this was madness. For those not familiar, it was a pricey endeavor to find the Thief Kingdom, but it appeared word of the festivities had made its way to the wealthy citizens of Aadilor for them to seek entry.

Not that Arabessa would have postponed her errand if she had known of the crowds. What she held in her gloved hand could not wait As she slipped down a side alley, her feet swiftly crunching against the gravel path, the hairs on the back of her neck rose as she sensed two forms behind her peel away from the shadowed brick walls.

Not this too? she thought with further annoyance, gripping the glass vial in her palm more protectively against her cloaked chest While Arabessa wasn’t wary of a fight, she couldn’t afford anything else slowing her down. And foolish pickpockets were not worth her time. But thieves, unfortunately, were a tired detail in the Thief Kingdom.

And these crooks appeared to believe they had found a mark. Especially when a third companion stepped from a dark cut in their alley to block her path. They danced a short blade between their fingers, their smile under their eye mask just as pointed. Whatever you have is now ours, their expression seemed to say.

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