Surprise Twins for the Boss by Josie Hart (PDF)

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Book Name:Surprise Twins for the Boss
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Story Line:

Crestwood Capital was putting me through the wringer, and I didn’t know how much more I could take of working with the entertainment industry. When Tyson had first passed those accounts to me, I thought that it would be easy. I had been flipping business since I was nineteen. It should have been easy.

Instead, I was spending more time than ever with people I used to hook up with. Models, actresses, influencers. Everywhere I went, I saw reminders of my past. Most of the time it didn’t influence my job, but I had lost two accounts in the last two months.

Telling Clarke and Tyson that two companies had pulled out of deals before they were finalized had been a humbling moment. There was no way to avoid the fact that it was my fault. Companies would rather lose everything they had than be acquired by somebody with my reputation. I knew that I had to change if I wanted to advance in my career but it was hard to do when instability was all I had ever known.

Camille was trying to refine my image, but I didn’t feel like it was working. I was being more discreet with my hookups, and I had stopped bringing people to my house, but there were still rumors about me circulating. Any little scrap that reporters could get, they used.

Especially with the newest articles out about me. I had been photographed taking two different models to meals on the same night. The meals had been innocent—Crestwood Capital owned the agencies they worked for—and I had been trying to get insider information on the companies. However, the pictures that were taken and shared made it look like I was sleeping around with two women in one day. The media was having a field day with it.

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