Surprise Proposal by Iona Rose (PDF)

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Book Name:Surprise Proposal
File Size:2.5MB

Story Line:

I met him in the woods when I had gone to deliver his groceries. He was tall and broad and shirtless with icy blue eyes… and oh God! I wanted him instantly. But those beautiful blue eyes were filled with emptiness and he spoke to me abruptly. He was so unnecessarily rude and cold that my tongue froze and I had to flee the scene, but when I went back to my car, I realized I was not going to have that. Not when I had done nothing wrong to him.

How freaking dare he? So I marched back to give him a piece of my mind. That was my first mistake. It was a complete disaster. Then I met him again in a coffee bar, and this time I stupidly managed to spill scalding hot coffee all over him. That should have been my second mistake, but of course, it was not.

That happened when I tried to make amends by baking an apology cake and taking it up to his house. Now that definitely did not go well. Now I was a mess of unfamiliar emotions. I wanted him so badly it pounded day and night in my blood. The third mistake I made was when I accepted his marriage proposal. A full length standalone romance.

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