Support by KP Lane (PDF)

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Book Name:Support
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Story Line:

The Chili’s was packed to the brim, though that was to be expected on five dollar margarita night. I stood in the entryway, which was standing room only, all but drowning in sensory overload and an inability to filter anything out.

Everywhere around me, people were chattering, and it was like a thousand voices were trying to get my attention all at once, and I caught tiny bits of conversations that had nothing to do with me, unlike the one I was supposed to be engaged in. The bright colors of the menus and drinks and decor, only muted by the low evening lights, didn’t help me stay focused, either.

Simon. Earth to Simon My attention was finally pulled away from the sensory bombardment by the voice of my friend Theo, who had tapped me on the arm and was now waving his hand in front of my face. “Where did you go? We were talking, and then–” “I know,” I said guiltily. I had forgotten to take my Ritalin before I left for dinner. “Sorry.

I spaced a little. I forgot my meds, and it’s a little… much… in here.” You’d think after enough instances where I was too spaced out or jittery to be present and to participate in whatever activity was happening, I’d set an alarm. Well, I did. I just also happened to turn it off because I thought I’d remember to take it.

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