Summer’s Snow by Carly H. Mannon (PDF)

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Book Name:Summer’s Snow
File Size:5.7MB

Story Line:

The strongest of blooms arise from the blood-flecked snow

At only 21, the Briar twins have already known much tragedy. Nic and Misha’s mother died in childbirth, then their father was taken by disease thirteen years later. Now the four faerie kingdoms are gathering together to celebrate a century of peace. During the week of celebrations, Misha is reunited with Julian Warin, the prince she is in love with after years of letters between them.

Meanwhile, Nic finds herself caught between the charming and handsome Evander Shaw who she’s always admired, and August Warin, Julian’s elder brother, who challenges and infuriates her at every opportunity. But as the twins near their 22nd birthday and taking their rightful place on their parents’ throne, tensions are rising among the fae. Not all are happy with the part-human Briars ascending into such power, coveting their magic for their own—even those closest to them. By the end of the celebration, Misha and Julian go missing and Nic is attacked, forced to flee her home and into the dark woods to survive.

In the race to find her missing sister before she is murdered for her heart, the core of magic in all faeries, Nic seeks out August for help, the two allying to find their missing siblings before it’s too late. But she and Misha’s betrayer is still searching for Nic, lurking closer than she might believe. If she’s not careful, Nic may lose her own heart first.

The first novel in a trilogy following the Briar Sisters, a new series that reimagines Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, taking the heroines from helpless damsels to fierce warriors. SUMMER’S SNOW features strong female protagonists, the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood, sapphic fairy godmothers, and slow-burn dislike to lovers romance.

BONUS: The hardcover edition of SUMMER’S SNOW features a case cover and extra chapter from the point of view of the love interest.

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