Stolen by Mckenna Miller (PDF)

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Book Name:Stolen
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Story Line:

Kidnapping the spoiled mafia princess for my boss and holding her captive during a family war should have been the easiest job of my hitman career. Except I never planned for someone like Bianca Mariano, who was fearless with a brazen attitude and a body that tempted me to sin. I’d been ordered not to touch the goods while she was in my possession, but what was a man to do when Bianca wanted to be touched, and so more? Her v-card was still intact, but that only made her more reckless, more daring.

Now that she wasn’t under her brother’s thumb that wild side was even more prominent and I couldn’t resist touching what was so forbidden. But beneath that tough exterior was a woman who craved affection. And freedom. And I was the man who was going to eventually lead her to her demise. Now I had a choice to make . . . loyalty or betrayal?

Whenever I was called in by the boss, I knew that it wouldn’t be for anything good. Not that I was in trouble. I never worried about that. It meant nothing good for someone else. I’d been laying low for the last month or so while the city adjusted to the Kaminsky-Mariano war, and then the aftermath. The Russians (The Kaminskys) had tried to bite off more than they could chew with the Marianos, including kidnapping the fiancée of one of the brothers, and well, nobody in this world likes it when you take their girl. It’s a universal principle.

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