Stitched Under Fire by Cassidy K. O’Connor (PDF)

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ebook details:

Book Name:Stitched Under Fire
File Size:2MB

Story Line:

Paranormals left for dead, parts of them missing. When bodies start piling up, the agents of Paranormal Investigative Service quickly realize the killings aren’t random and they are escalating. Life is never dull as an agent of P.I.S. but Tristan James didn’t expect his fourth week as a newly turned phoenix shifter and federal agent to be spent hunting for the person who was dissecting paranormals. If that weren’t enough, he was also moving in with Maddox, his partner at P.I.S. and he had it bad for him. Maddox Smith was going monogamous.

If that weren’t shocking enough, Tristan was also moving in with him. Add to that the man of his dreams was still getting used to being a shifter and getting over old prejudices about their kind. Taking it slow was never in Maddox’s vocabulary before, but Tristan was worth the wait. A new case was exactly the distraction he needed. They have to work quickly to stitch the pieces together if they want to stop the madman hurting their kind.

Maddox grabbed the last gallon of paint out of Tristan’s truck and hauled it inside. Tallie, the teenage ex-prostitute currently staying with his mother squealed as she saw the dab of color on the lid. “My room is going to be insane. You guys are the best.” She skipped down the hall. Maddox let out a deep breath. “You guys spoil her and I think that’s awesome. She deserves to have the room she never had as a child.” Marta, Maddox’s mom patted his shoulder affectionately.

He had to maintain an air of grumpiness but deep inside there was nothing he wouldn’t do for the girl. If she wanted her room to look like she lived in a real tree with a waterfall flowing around it, he would have found a way to make it happen. Lucky for them, she only asked for a forest mural. Tallie had grown up with an abusive father until she ran away to live on the streets. She didn’t deserve the hand dealt to her. His mom offering to take the girl in to help with her own loneliness, was the perfect fix.

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